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Prisma Dentists, proud partner of the Mont-Royal Outremont Soccer Club

June, 16th

The Sport and Health Ambassador, Dr. François Lechner, and the team at Prisma Dentists are actively involved within the community. The clinic has been a major partner of the Soccer Club Mont-Royal Outremont for many years. Keeping active helps promote good dental health! (more…)

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sleep disorders: insomnia, sleep apnea , restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy

sleep disorders, insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy

13 December 2017

SLEEP DISORDERS: INSOMNIA, SLEEP APNEA, RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME, NARCOLEPSY Common sleep disorders: insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndome and narcolepsy diagnosed and treatment options discussed! INSOMNIA Insomnia is defined by trouble falling or staying asleep at least three nights a week for three months or longer. Its signs are first of all daytime fatigue, moodiness, problem […]

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Avant tx

Replacement of Amalgam

29 March 2017

Replacing amalgam in a safe way using bio compatible material Once the amalgam, which consists of silver and mercury, cracks or if the tooth around it has fissures, it is possible to remove the amalgam in a safe way by using a dental dam and high capacity suction. The replacing material is a white composite […]

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