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Prisma Dentists are a team of professionals accomplished in various fields of dentristry. They are distinguished by the strength of their expertise and warm and personal service. Come meet these professionals who are driven by a common passion for their practice and clients.


Dr. François Lechner

Founder of Prisma Dentists, Dr. Lechner has over 25 years experience in the field of dental health and sleep disorders. Over time this passionate practician has developed a distinctive vision of his work which he now shares with the 25 experts in his clinic. In addition to mastering all aspects of general dentistry Dr. Lechner excels in multiple fields such as cosmetic dentistry, implant rehabilitation, treatment of sleep disorders and neuromuscular dentistry. His research also inspired deep interest in the links between maxillary articulation, occlusion, and posture. Dr. Lechner is a believer in treatement without pain and beauty without artifice, and stands by the philosophy ”healthy teeth in a healthy body”.

Since graduating from Université de Montréal, Dr. Lechner constantly sought to further develop his knowledge and skills. Dr. Lechner attended the highly renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, as well as multiple training sessions across Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Dr. Lechner is actively involved in associations such as the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec, the Association des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Québec, the Montréal Dental Club, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Lechner is bilingual, passionate about clay and bronze sculpture, Japanese-style garderning, herbal medicine, sailing, and cooking.


Dr. Jean Piché

Dr. Piché has a doctorate of dental surgery from Université de Montréal and owns North-American (Canada, U.S.) patents in implantology. He is the founder of the Centres Dentaires Piché and Associates, and pursues a multidisciplinary practice focused in orthodonctics and implantology. With the oral health and comfort of his patients at heart, Dr. Piché promotes painless interventions. He is a founding member of the Club d’Étude des Généralistes en Orthopédie et Orthodontie (C.E.G.O.O.), a member of the International Association for Orthodontics and of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and also holds a certificate in implantology from the Brånemark Institute. Dr. Piché has two sons, is an active sportsman and traveler, and also practices skiing, golfing and sailing.


Dr. Steven Krychman

Dr. Steven Krychman is a seasoned periodontist with over 20 years experience in dentistry. Along with being a key member of the Prisma team, this exceptional surgeon is director of the periodontology clinic at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. A Doctor of Dental Surgery from McGill University, Dr. Krychman also holds a certificate in periodontics from Tufts University, Boston. He is also a member of the Association des parodontistes du Québec, of the Canadian Academy of Periodontists, and of the American Academy of Periodontology. Always eager to renew his knowledge, Dr. Krychman stays well informed about the lastest technological developments in order to offer painless and effective dental treatment. Empathic and caring, this devoted man is actively involved in the Montreal Association for the Blind and the Mackay Centre. When he is not taking care of his patients, we can find him on golf courses where he benefits from the precision of his surgical training.


Dr. Hélène Buithieu

A Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, Dr. Buithieu has over 20 years experience in pediatric dentistry. She also holds a Master of Dental Science, a certificate in pediatric dentistry, and also attended multiple continuing education courses. Associate professor at the Faculté de Médecine Dentaire at Université de Montréal, Dr. Buithieu is an expert of painless dentistry. Her technique combines knowledge, skill, warmth and compassion. She educates children about oral health without preaching and her gentle approach is appreciated by both younger and older patients. Dr. Buithieu is a mother of three and she loves tennis, running, biking, telemark, and skiing.


Dr. Bao Tran

Dental surgeon, Dr. Tran graduated from the Université de Montréal in 2001. She pursues a multidisciplinary practice while emphasizing myofunctional therapy. This therapeutic method, used especially during childhood, focuses on the position of the tongue as it plays a key role in the dental and orofacial development of the patient. This treatment helps correcting the malfunction of the jaw and the facial muscles; also it eliminates bad swallowing habits. Over the years, Bao has developed a proficiency in this field and established herself in many other different surgical techniques. Mother of one daughter, Bao is a traveler and very athletic, she has a passion for road cycling and skiing.

Dr. Lisa Sapatis

Dr. Lisa Sapatis obtained her dental degree from McGill University in 1999 and completed a multidisciplinary dental residency program at the Royal Victoria Hospital. For over fifteen years, she has remained committed to providing patients with high-quality comprehensive dental care in a personalized, compassionate and gentle manner.

Her pursuit for excellence in dentistry involves continuing dental education at the well-renowned Dawson Academy and the Spear Education Program. As a clinician, she values her patients and takes the time to listen and educate them so that their treatment goals may be achieved through careful planning and execution. She is a member of the Montreal Dental Club, the Spear Study Club, and the International Team for Implantology (ITI).

Her three children have helped her learn to perfect the art of multitasking! She enjoys traveling, skiing, dancing, and maintaining her physical fitness through cross-training. She is trilingual and can serve her patients in English, French, and Greek.  As a breast cancer survivor she feels privileged to be practicing her beloved profession, and is enthusiastic to be part of the dynamic team at Prisma Dentists!

Dental Hygienists

Lina Dawli

Lina Dawli is a certified advisor for Invisalign and she provides training in Canada and in the United States. Lina likes presenting treatment plans and informing patients about dental hygiene so they can have and keep healthy teeth. She can do it in French, English or Arabic. She likes Latin dance, reading and traveling.


Alexandra Angelescu

Alexandra loves working with children. Her gentle approach and educational ways take away the fear in her young patients. She was a gymnast for 10 years and speaks French, English and Romanian.


Maryse Quévillon

An expert in orthodontics, she always makes sure her patients are comfortable. Maryse speaks French and English, loves running and volunteering to help the elderly. An accomplished mom, she likes cozy dinners among friends.


Fatiha Ait-Amokhatar

Fatiha loves presenting treatment plans and making sure her clients know what to do to protect their teeth. She speaks English and French, loves Zumba, Salsa and traveling through books or… for real!


Annick Melanson

Annick has a special interest for periodontal diseases and she likes helping her patients understand this aspect of dentistry in order to improve their oral health. She likes running in summer time and snowboarding in winter.

Nicole Latulipe

She worked as a dental assistant for 5 years, and wanting to do more for patients she decided to complete her studies to become a dental hygienist. She now enjoys educating her patients on the importance of a healthy smile.

Abdoulaye Fofana

Abdoulaye is a graduate from Canadian and French schools of dentistry. Passionate about dental art in all its forms, Abdoulaye is dedicated to his patients and to their dental health. Each patient is unique and Abdoulaye takes the time to discuss with each of them the best way to reach optimal dental health and wellness. When he is not at work, Abdoulaye likes to maintain an active lifestyle. He loves being outdoor, hiking and jogging.

Our Prisma Dentists Team includes a dozen people who together combine over 70 years experience in the field dentistry, fluency in six languages, and expertise in thousands of interventions. It is a great source of pride that many of them have been working with us for many years.