Bleaching / Teeth Whitening

Bleaching - Teeth Whitening-treatments MontrealBeverages such as coffee, tea, wine as well as smoking and natural tooth aging are most often responsible for fading or yellowing teeth. Bleaching treatments using trays that fit your teeth can be a very effective solution.

A highly effective and non-invasive alternative is in-office bleaching. The results are a clinical progression of several shades in one visit to your dentist.

Porcelain and Composite Veneers

Porcelain Composite Veneers MontrealVeneers are thin shells that cover the front teeth and can be used to restore teeth that are stained, discoloured, deformed or slightly damaged by wear.

They are used to correct the contour, color and size of teeth to improve the appearance of the smile. Composite veneers are produced by intervening directly on your teeth.

A longer-lasting option also offering a better aesthetic appearance than composite veneers are porcelain veneers. These must be made beforehand and installed at a later appointment.

Invisalign – Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign - Invisible Orthodontics MontrealSmile With Confidance! Teeth realignment once meant displaying a metallic smile for several months, but with Invisalign this is no longer the case! New Invisalign aligners are transparent, removable, and comfortable.

Click here to learn more about Invisalign and how it can help you.

Orthodontics – Teeth Alignment

Dental Orthodontics Prisma MontrealBy using a variety of dental apparatuses, orthodontic correction allows the alignment of the teeth.

The interventions often have strictly aesthetic goals but they can also be performed for functional reasons.

They improve patients’ chewing ability and improve the profile of their jaws.

Restoration of Enamel

Enamel rejuvenation Prisma DentistsThis new technique overcomes the fading, wearing, and aging of tooth enamel. Restorating enamel is done by applying and polishing a thin layer of composite to restore the original appearance of the tooth surface.

This procedure restores a youthful smile!

Occlusal Plate

Occlusal Plate Montreal Dental ClinicAn Occlusal Plate is an acrylic tray that is worn during the day or night, which will stop the upper teeth from being in contact with the lower ones.

It is a support device for the people who suffer from Bruxism (teeth clenching and/or grinding of teeth) or people with TMJ problems (articulation problems).

The functions of an Occlusal Plate:

Possible symptoms

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