General Dentistry / Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. This saying aptly applies to oral health. Exams and regular dental cleanings help maintain a healthy mouth. They remain the best way to avoid complex and sometimes expensive interventions.

Complete Exam

These check-ups are intended to prevent all types of dental and oral problems. In the case where a diagnosis is made, different treatment options are available to the patient.

The Hygiene Appointment

It is preferable to do a thorough cleaning every six months, and even more frequently for people with gum disease. After the preliminary scaling, polishing will clean the accumulated plaque and soften the tooth surface. The polishing process also removes most surface stains.


Like the different technologies that surround us, mouthguards have evolved considerably since their appearance in sports. Today, they represent one of the most important pieces of equipment to practice multiple sports.

Whether for hockey, basketball, football, skiing, boxing, cycling or extreme sports, mouthguards protect teeth while improving performance.

It makes breathing easier when the body needs the most oxygen, in addition to reducing tension and clenching of teeth during exertion. Our models are designed and custom-made to perfectly fit the jaw of each athlete.

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