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The periodontium consists of tissues supporting the teeth (gums, periodontal ligaments and bone) and it has a tendency to deteriorate in over 50% of the adult population.

Preventive periodontics can prevent the onset of periodontal diseases, the symptoms of which cannot be observed except in advanced stages.

Prisma Dentists offers several solutions and technologies in preventive treatment:


This is a very effective non-surgical approach to the treatment of periodontal pockets. The laser cleans and disinfects pockets with its sterilizing, anti-inflammatory and bio-stimulant actions. This treatment helps restore tissue attachment along the root of the teeth.

It can reduce or eliminate tooth mobility. The laser treatment also effectively treats bleeding gums and bad-breath caused by gingivitis.


Atridox is a gel that is gently applied to the gum pockets where bacteria proliferate. The gel quickly hardens to form a waxy substance which gradually releases an antibiotic in the infected area. The product acts over a period of seven days.

By fighting against bacteria, Atridox gel helps improve gum health and prevents the progress of periodontal disease.


In addition to scaling and root planing, Periostat is a revolutionary solution for the control of periodontal disease. This product is not an antibiotic, but more of a collagenase inhibitor.

Keyes Treatment

This treatment is based on the work of Dr. Paul H. Keyes. Dr. Keyes observed that when microbiological populations are controlled, progressive destruction of periodontal tissue diminishes greatly. Keyes treatment is based on a mechanical cleaning approach which includes tooth brushing and flossing using a home-made dentifrice.

This dentifrice consists of baking soda, few drops of water, 3% hydrogen peroxide and is worked between teeth with tooth brush, dental floss, or toothpicks. Table salt also can be used, or Epsom salts for patients on low sodium diets.

The rationale for salt therapy: The motile bacteria that cause periodontal disease cease to move when in contact with salt solutions.

Many bacteria become shriveled or distorted, reducing reproduction and the risk of disease.

Electric Toothbrush Sonicare from Philips

Excellent for removing plaque, different models of Sonicare also improve gum health in just a few weeks.

Toothpaste XPur/ Remin

Medicated Mouth Rinses

Chlorhexidine is a topical antiseptic that kills certain bacteria in the mouth and helps restore gum health, making them healthy and strong.

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