Xerostomie / Xylimelts

OraCoat Xylimelts

Xylitol in time-release adhering lozenges

Unique benefits

Stimulates saliva production to relieve dryness of the mouth
Therapeutic level of Xylitol (500mg / pastille)
Mild-mint flavour
Freshens breath
Supresses adverse bacteria
Helps reduce the incidence of cavities

Ideally suited for:

Everyone suffering from a dry mouth while sleeping or during the day CPAP machine users

Directions for use:

1. Place tan adhesive side to the outside of a molar and/or adjoining gums, upper or lower, white side touching cheek
2. Use your tongue to push the pastille until you feel comfortable
3. Once there, do not push with your finger or touch with your tongue for 10 seconds, as this will disrupt adhesion which grows stronger over time.

Recommended dose (adults)

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